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Tapestry is a ready-to-use technology framework designed specifically for retail clients, catering to a wide range of customers from mid-market to enterprise-level businesses. At IM Digital, we empower retailers by providing them with an enhanced starting point through pre-assembled components, hooks, and utilities. This approach not only alleviates the operational challenges but also expedites achieving value from the technology implementation.


Designed to maximize flexibility while streamlining the development of critical components.
With flexibility at its core, Tapestry affords merchants the opportunity to choose between commercetools’ native front-end solution or an entirely custom storefront.

IM Digital’s ready-made integrations for shipping, tax, payments, search, and merchandising solutions have proven to reduce development costs, improve time-to-market, and catalyzes ROI.

Benefits of Tapestry

Developing an accelerator aims to shorten the time needed for a product or service launch and enhance the speed of achieving its value. 

The Tapestry accelerator integrates cutting-edge technologies including Algolia to provide a flexible and all-encompassing experience across multiple channels. This approach embraces a forward-looking mindset that is adaptable, scalable, and can easily accommodate the growth of your business. By doing so, it eliminates the necessity for future re-platforming.

Avoid the headache of building from scratch. With Tapestry, you will avoid:

  • Mapping out foundational components
  • Storefront operations
  • Operational infrastructure



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