Tealium Algolia Insights Connector

Tealium has built a connector to the Algolia Insights API, allowing Tealium users to interact with the API without the need to write any code

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Use the Algolia Insights connector in Tealium's EventStream marketplace to stream events such as clicks and conversions to Algolia's Insights API. This unlocks powerful Algolia features including recommendations, personalization, smarter search results, and analytics that help you optimize your user experience.

The connector supports sending events to the Algolia Insights API and provides mappable destinations for event parameters. Algolia Insights lets you push events related to how your product is being used. Sending those events is a required step for using several Algolia features, such as: Click and conversion analytics, A/B Testing, AI Re-Ranking, Personalization, Algolia Recommend.


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Built by Algolia's developer community, not supported by Algolia




Tealium connects customer data across web, mobile, offline, and IoT so businesses can better connect with their customers. Tealium’s turnkey integration ecosystem supports more than 1,300 built-in con

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