WordPress & WooCommerce Algolia Search Plugin

WooCommerce & WordPress front & admin search with Algolia.

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This plugin provides WooCommerce & WordPress front & admin search with Algolia.

Highlights: real-time indexing, dynamic facets, suggestions.

  • Create one or several indexes
  • Select the post types, categories and custom fields you want to index
  • Define facets by drag & drop with many layouts: checkbox, radiobox, select list, select2 list, range, slider
  • Drag & drop WPSOLR widgets to any sidebar to add facets and sort
  • Transparent integration to WooCommerce: stocks, variations, orders/coupons/products for admin search, price range, price slider, date slider with international formatting
  • Transparent integration to WPML, Polylang (one index per language)
  • Tens of other plugins are also integrated
  • Automatic cloning of indices for each sorting
  • Each WPSOLR release uses the latest Algolia PHP libraries, and is fully tested
  • This plugin requires API keys from Algolia.


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Built by Algolia's developer community, not supported by Algolia




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