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What is Algolia?

Algolia is a hosted, API-first platform used to build world-class search & discovery experiences. Start building quickly using libraries for every major language and framework. Scale your solution with a platform that serves over 85 billion queries for more than 13k customers every month.

Search API

What is Search API

A search API is way to build search without worrying about infrastructure management. A hosted search API like Algolia is capable of delivering real-time results, with relevance and speed within your websites, mobile, and voice applications. 

The first step is to index your data in Algolia, in a proper format. Then, you can you can start testing the functionality with API calls or within the UI dashboard. 

You can build all of this within your own tech-stack using official API clients or integrations.

There is a lot to creating a full search implementation, and the developer documentation walks you through every possibility. 

Digital leaders and builders leverage Algolia

Business Users

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to make impactful changes easily, without developers or IT.

Executives or Analysts

Our data sources enable robust analytics, enabling easy monitoring, testing, and optimization.

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Content Managers

We have APIs in eleven programming languages for any tech stack, pre-built UI libraries, and platform integrations.

Merchandisers & PMs

Visual Editor and Rules allow you to easily merchandize and manage products and content in real time.

Algolia Integrations

Pre-built UI components & templates

Start your front-end journey with ready to use components, templates and kits like PWA Headless UI kit.

Explore all front-end possibilities
Frontend interface built with Algolia's components

Check out some of our customer’s implementations

See our Inspiration Library
Algolia customer search & discovery experience implementations

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