Symfony Framework for the PHP Search API


  • Made to simplify the usage of Algolia’s API within the Symfony Framework
  • Get started with 5 lines of YAML
  • Leverages Normalizers 2 to convert entities for indexing
  • Unsubscribe from doctrine events to use a messaging/queue system
  • Background retry strategy to ensure uptime
  • Seamless batching via iterators to optimize number of network calls
  • Zero downtime reindexing feature
  • API access to all Algolia functionality, AI products, and advanced features, including Recommend 


  • Compatible with Symfony 3.4 LTS, Symfony >= 4.0, PHP >= 7.2

Related Integrations

  • PHP API Client, Autocomplete, InstantSearch

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Get started


1composer require algolia/search-bundle:4.0.0


2  indices:
3    - name: posts
4      class: App\Entity\Post
5    - name: comments
6      class: App\Entity\Comment
8$searchService->index($entityManager, $postsAndComments);


1$em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManagerForClass(Post::class);
2$posts = $this->searchService->search($em, Post::class, 'query');
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