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What is the Python API client?

It’s recommended to use the Kotlin API client, which is better suited for Android development.

The Python API client is an open source, production-ready API wrapper that abstracts from the complexity of directly interfacing with the Algolia Search API. It handles, for example, network retry strategy, record batching, and reindexing strategy.

Algolia officially supports eleven API clients, each in a specific programming language, and tailored to that language’s unique paradigm and ecosystem.

The API clients are an important part of Algolia’s search ecosystem. Using these clients to interact with Algolia is highly recommended.


You can use the Python API client to index your data, configure your search, perform search queries, work with analytics, manage clusters, and much more.

Source on GitHub

Algolia’s API clients are all open source. You can find the code for the Python API client on GitHub.


If you want to get started quickly with self-contained code examples that you can run directly from your code editor, you can explore the quickstart samples on GitHub.

For a step-by-step tutorial including a minimal search UI, see Quickstart with the Python API client

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