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Install the API client


Install AlgoliaSearch using:

gem install algoliasearch

Language-specific notes

If you are a Ruby on Rails user, you are probably looking for the algoliasearch-rails gem.


For testing purposes, you might be interested in seeing how to mock Algolia’s API calls

Init Index

To begin, you will need to initialize the client. In order to do this you will need your Application ID and API Key. You can find both on your Algolia account.

require 'rubygems'
require 'algoliasearch'

Algolia.init application_id: 'YourApplicationID',
             api_key:        'YourAPIKey'
index ="your_index_name")

You need to replace your_index_name by the name of the index you want to use. If you want to target an existing index you can find the name from the dashboard. If the index does not exist you can choose any name and it will be created when you perform an add objects or a set settings operation.

If an api key is displayed in the previous snippet it is your ADMIN API Key. To maintain security, never use your ADMIN API Key on your frontend or share it with anyone. In your frontend, use the SEARCH ONLY API Key or any other key that has search only rights.