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API Method Description PHP Ruby JS Python iOS Android C# Java Go Scala name
Search an index

Method used for querying an index.

search search search search Search Search Search searchAsync Search search search
Search for facet values

Search a specific facet within a list of facets. Can be combined with a query.

searchForFacetValues searchForFacetValues search_for_facet_values search_for_facet_values SearchForFacetValues searchForFacetValues searchForFacetValues SearchForFacetValues search into facet values searchForFacetValues searchForFacetValues
Search multiple indexes

Perform a search on several indexes at the same time, using one method call.

search multipleQueries multiple_queries multiple_queries MultipleQueries multipleQueries multipleQueries multipleQueriesAsync MultipleQueries multipleQueries multiQueries

Building search UIs

If you are building a web application, we recommend using one of our frontend search UI libraries instead of the API client directly.

It brings several benefits:

  • Your users will see a better response time as the request will not need to go through your servers
  • You will be able to offload unnecessary tasks from your servers

To get started with building search UIs, take a look at these tutorials: