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API Method Description PHP Ruby JS Python iOS Android C# Java Go Scala name
Search an index

Method used for querying an index.

search search search search search searchAsync Search Search Search search
Search for facet values

Search a specific facet within a list of facets. Can be combined with a query.

searchForFacetValues search_for_facet_values searchForFacetValues search_for_facet_values searchForFacetValues searchForFacetValues SearchForFacetValues searchForFacetValues SearchForFacetValues search into facet values
Search multiple indexes

Perform a search on several indexes at the same time, using one method call.

multipleQueries multiple_queries search multiple_queries multipleQueries multipleQueriesAsync MultipleQueries multipleQueries MultipleQueries multiQueries
Browse an index

Get all index content without any record limit. Can be used for backups.

browse browse browse browse browse browseAsync Browse browse Browse browse index

Building search UIs

If you are building a web application, we recommend using one of our frontend search UI libraries instead of the API client directly.

It brings several benefits:

  • Your users will see a better response time as the request will not need to go through your servers
  • You will be able to offload unnecessary tasks from your servers

To get started with building search UIs, take a look at these tutorials: