List of methods

Search index

Method used for querying an index.

Search for facet values

Search for a set of values within a given facet attribute. Can be combined with a query.

Search multiple indexes

Perform a search on several indexes at the same time, with one method call.

Browse index

Get all index content without any record limit. Can be used for backups.

Building search UIs

If you are building a web application, we recommend using one of our frontend search UI libraries instead of the API client directly.

For example, here is what Algolia’s Instant Search UI offers:

  • An out of the box, good-looking Search UI, easily customizable, with instant results and unlimited facets and filters, and many other configurable features
  • Better response time because the request does not need to go through your own servers, but instead is communicated directly to the Algolia servers from your end-users
  • As a consequence, your servers will be far less burdened by real-time searching activity

To get started with building search UIs, take a look at these tutorials: