API Reference / API Parameters / attributeForDistinct
Type: string
Engine default: null
Parameter syntax
'attributeForDistinct' => 'attribute'

Can be used in these methods:

About this parameter

Name of the attribute to deduplicate or group records.

The attributeForDistinct attribute works in combination with distinct:

  • attributeForDistinct establishes groups: all records with the same value of attributeForDistinct are treated as a group.
  • distinct determines how many variants per group are included in the search results.

Usage notes

  • You can define only one attribute for distinct.
  • You can only set attributeForDistinct at indexing time. You can’t set or override it at query time.
  • The attributeForDistinct attribute expects strings or numbers as values:
    • Number values are rounded to the nearest integer and converted to their string representation, for example, 1 and 1.2 both turn into "1".
    • String values are used as they are.
    • Boolean or null values are ignored.
    • Array and object values aren’t supported and result in unspecified behavior.


Set the attribute to distinct

The following example declares the url attribute as attributeForDistinct. To deduplicate or group records based on this attribute, you also have to set the distinct parameter.

  'attributeForDistinct' => 'url'
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