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Delete Index | Ruby API Client V1 (Deprecated)

This version of the Ruby API client has been deprecated in favor of the latest version of the Ruby API client.

Required API Key: any key with the deleteIndex ACL
Method signature
client.delete_index(String indexName)

About this method

Delete an index and all its settings, including links to its replicas.

This method not only removes an index from your application, it also removes its metadata and configured settings (like searchable attributes or custom ranking).

If the index has replicas, they will be preserved but will no longer be linked to their primary index. Instead, they’ll become independent indices.

If you want to only remove the records from the index, use the clear method.

Deleting an index will have no impact on Analytics data because you cannot delete an index’s Analytics data.

When deleting an nonexistent index, the engine ignores the operation but does not send back an error.

To delete more than one index, please refer to our Delete Multiple Algolia Indices how-to.


Delete an index by name



type: string

Name of the index to be deleted.


In this section we document the JSON response returned by the API. Each language will encapsulate this response inside objects specific to the language and/or the implementation. So the actual type in your language might differ from what is documented.

JSON format

  "deletedAt": "2017-12-18T21:22:40.761Z",
  "taskID": 19541511530

Date at which the job to delete the index has been created.


This is the taskID which is used with the waitTask method.

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