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Upgrading to a New Version

This integration and its documentation are deprecated and no longer supported.

The Algolia Search for Magento 1 extension is no longer supported (and Magento 1 has reached end of life). However, Algolia does offer a supported extension for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.

We strongly recommend using modman to install the Algolia extension for Magento. Instructions on the installation process can be found in the Magento quick start guide. Unfortunately, updating the extension using other installation methods is not supported at this time.

Using Modman

If an older version of the plug-in is installed on your system, uninstall it using the following command:

modman remove algoliasearch-magento

With the older version removed, install the new version using Modman:

modman clone

After reinstalling the extension, the configuration should be saved again even if the settings weren’t changed. Navigate to System > Configuration > Catalog > Algolia Search and hit Save.

With the configuration saved, you should reindex your Magento indices according to these indexing instructions.

Make sure to read the changelog for any additional steps that need to be taken.

After Upgrading

If enabled, we recommend to clear your indexing queue and perform a full reindex after you have upgraded your extension. This prevents call_user_func_array() errors generated from deprecated or renamed job methods that have been stored prior to your upgrade. You can clear your indexing queue by going to System > Algolia Search > Indexing Queue and hitting the Clear Queue button. To make sure Algolia is up to date, perform a complete reindex afterwards.

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