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Can I use Algolia in my JAMstack application?

The JAMstack is a modern approach to web development based on client-side JavaScript, APIs, and prebuilt Markup. The JAMstack mindset encourages the use of external services for core functionalities, like search.

Algolia fits perfectly into JAMstack applications. We provide API clients for indexing, configuring, and searching your data, and front-end libraries for building search experiences with JavaScript and popular UI libraries such as React, Vue and Angular.

You can easily use Algolia with any JavaScript-based frameworks such as Gatsby, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gridsome, Eleventy, but also with non-JavaScript powered static website generators such as Jekyll or Hugo. We’ve also created a Netlify plugin to add search to any Netlify site in only a few clicks.

If you’re using JAMstack-based documentation generators such as VuePress or Docusaurus, they all provide built-in Algolia support to integrate with Algolia DocSearch.

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