Do you offer a sandbox for development and a staging environment
Last updated 15 February 2018

Do you offer a Sandbox for development and a staging environment?

We offer a sandbox on Business and Enterprise plans. The sandbox is an application made accessible to customer for usage in testing pipelines. This application is not covered by our SLA, does not have availability, performance or consistency guarantees. In each sandbox, customer may store up to 5 million records and perform up to 50 million operations per month.

For any other plan, we recommend use of the same account and application for all environments and generating a new set of indices and API keys.

For example, if you have indices dev_products, staging_products and prodproducts, you can generate API Keys for each environment by limiting their access to indices having the prefix dev, staging_ and prod_*. If you want to minimize the impact on pricing, we recommend to only index a subset (10%? or 1%?) of your records in your non-production environments.