Accounts & Billing
Last updated 14 September 2017

How algolia counts records and operations


The number of records is equal to the sum of records that you have in all of your indices (including replica indices).

In terms of pricing, we allow you to store a certain amount of records at any given time. You can update, delete, or add as many records as you want as long as the total number of the indexed records does not exceed the limit of the plan. If you go over this limit, you’ll be charged an over-quota based on the maximum number of records you’ve reached.

Indexing Operations

For operations, we only count indexing operations.

We count indexing operations as follows:

  • Each add, update, or delete of an object or part of an object counts as 1 operation.
  • If you choose to batch your indexing calls, each modified object will be counted as a single operation.

In terms of pricing, we count the number of operations performed every month. If you hit the limit of your plan, we’ll charge you a fee for the extra operations you’ve performed, based on the over-quota pricing of your current plan.

Search operations

They are not part of any quota and will not be charged in any way. That being said they are limited by the maximum QPS (the allowed number of queries performed per second) of the plan.