FAQ Accounts & Billing How do you count the operations?

Last updated 10 February 2017

There are two types of operations:

  1. The Search operations:
  • Each individual full-text search counts as an operation. If you implement a search-as-you-type experience, each keystroke represents one operation
  • If you decide to batch queries, say for instance you want to query 2 indices at a time, it will use 2 operations
  • For disjunctive faceting, the number of operations equals 1 + the number of refined disjunctive facets (because we’re performing additional queries to display the associated facet counts)
    1. The Indexing operations:
  • Each add, update or delete of an object or part of an object counts for 1 operation
  • If you chose to batch you indexing calls, each object modified will be counted as a single operation

In terms of pricing, we count the number of operations performed every month. If you hit the limit of your plan, we’ll charge you a fee for the extra operations you’ve performed, based on the over-quota pricing of your current plan.