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In the current pricing model (released on July 1, 2020), pricing depends on your Algolia usage, as measured by units. Each unit includes 1,000 operations and 1,000 records. The more you use Algolia, the more units you use during a billing period.

You can unlock units in two ways:

  • Pay-as-you-go: you pay for each extra unit that you use.
  • Committed usage: you buy units upfront, at a discounted rate.

The unit costs are based on tranches. The more units you use, the lower a single unit’s price. The cost also depends on whether you choose the Standard or Premium plan. For more details on unit pricing, please visit the pricing page.

Example calculation

To calculate the number of units your app uses, Algolia takes the highest of either search requests or records.

For example, imagine your app has 2,500 records and it receives 4,000 search requests each month. Algolia takes the highest of the two (4,000 search requests) to determine how many units this uses:

4,000 search requests / 1,000 search requests per unit = 4 units per month.

Now, if your app has 10,000 records and receives 4,000 search requests each month, Algolia takes the number of records as the base for the calculation since it’s the highest of the two.

10,000 records / 1,000 records per unit = 10 units per month.

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