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Why are some click events not used for click analytics?

Algolia only uses click and conversion events in click-through and conversion rate calculations (including A/B testing) when the events include a queryID. This is because Algolia calculates click-through and conversion rate as the percentage of searches which led to a click or conversion, respectively.

In other words, when you omit a the queryID from an event, you’re signaling that the event wasn’t related to a search. Such events shouldn’t be included in the calculation.

In your Insights Logs, you can see the message “This event will not be used for click analytics” for any event without a queryID. You can still use these events for Personalization since they can still be indicators of a user’s affinities.

You should include a queryID in click and conversion events whenever they’re directly related to a search. For example, when a user performs a search then clicks on a result, you should include the search’s queryID when sending the click event. When a user clicks on a product without searching first, you don’t need to include the queryID, as there’s no search related to the event.

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