FAQ Basics Is there a size limit for my index/records?

Last updated 29 March 2017

Yes, records are not expected to go beyond 10KB of minified JSON. You’ll get the Record is too big error if you try to index a record bigger than the limit.

If you need to search for bigger objects, please contact us at enterprise@algolia.com and we’ll increase your limit. There are three reasons for this limit:

  1. Our pricing is based on it
  2. In most cases, having bigger objects is a sign that you’re not using Algolia at its full capacity:
    • Having very big chunks of text is usually bad for relevance, because most objects end-up having a lot of similar words, and they will match with a lot of irrelevant queries.
    • It’s often better to de-duplicate big objects into several smaller ones
  3. It increases latency: big objects with a lot of unnecessary information take a long time to be uploaded/downloaded

To find out more, view this FAQ entry about reducing the size of your records.

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