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Is there a size limit for my records?

Algolia limits the size of individual records for performance reasons. If you signed up for your plan online, the maximum record size is as follows:

  • For Standard and Premium plans:
    • 100 KB for any individual record
    • 10 KB average record size across all records
  • For legacy plans (before July 1, 2020):
    • 10 KB for Pro, Starter, or Free accounts
    • 20 KB for Essential and Plus
    • Business and Enterprise accounts have a 100 KB customizable limit. Contact the support team at the support team for more information.

Your JSON data file is processed in the following way:

  1. The file is turned into a string.
  2. Extra spaces are removed (spaces that are outside of key-value strings and not syntactically necessary).
  3. The string is turned back into a JSON file.

The record size limit is based on the size of this final JSON file.

When you try to index records that exceeds your plan’s limit, the API returns the Record is too big error. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to reduce the size of your records.

There are two main ways to decrease record size:

  1. Ask yourself if all the data inside your record is necessary. If it’s not useful for either searching, faceting, ranking, or display, then it’s safe to remove from your records on Algolia. You can read more about simplifying your record structure.
  2. Split the records into smaller chunks and use Algolia’s distinct feature to only display the best result. You can learn more about how to index long documents.

Finally, make sure to read the documentation on structuring your data.

There are three reasons for this limitation:

  • It increases latency: big objects with a lot of unnecessary information take a long time to be uploaded/downloaded.
  • Usually, having bigger objects is a sign that you’re not using Algolia at its full capacity:
  • The pricing for legacy (Essential and Plus) is based on your number of records.

If you need to search through bigger objects, and your plan includes the Enterprise add-on, or you wish to upgrade your plan, email enterprise@algolia.com to request an increase on your limit. However, to ensure the best possible performance, it’s best to structure your data differently.

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