FAQ / Basics / What is the standard SLA?

On all plans with Enterprise add-on, we guarantee 99.99% uptime for search. You can increase this to 99.999%. There is no SLA for the Standard and Premium plans, and the Pro, Starter, or Free/Community legacy plans. For the Essential and Plus legacy plans, the SLA remains 99.9%.

For any and each outage period, we provide you with a credit calculated as follows: credit = plan price * (outage period minutes * acceleration ratio) ÷ scheduled availability minutes.

  • Legacy plan: Acceleration Ratio = x10
  • Legacy Business plan: Acceleration Ratio = x10
  • Enterprise add-on: Acceleration Ratio = x100

Capped up to 1 month of plan price.

For more precision on each plan, go here: https://www.algolia.com/policies/sla

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