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Feb. 25, 2017

Where are the clusters and servers located?

We are obsessed with high performance and delivering the best user experience. For these reasons, we have decided to deploy a distributed architecture with several clusters around the world.

Clusters are currently located in 15 different regions, 47 different datacenters worldwide:

  • US-East (Virginia): two different Equinix datacenters in Ashburn & COPT DC-6 in Manassas (three independent Autonomous Systems).
  • US-West (California): three different Equinix datacenters in San Jose (three independent Autonomous Systems).
  • US-Central (Texas): two different datacenters in Dallas (two independent Autonomous Systems)
  • Europe (France): four different datacenters in Roubaix, two different datacenters in Strasbourg and one datacenter in Gravelines.
  • Europe (Netherlands): four different datacenters around Amsterdam
  • Europe (Germany): seven different datacenters in Falkenstein and one datacenter in Frankfurt (two independent Autonomous Systems)
  • Canada: four different datacenters in Beauharnois
  • Singapore: Two different datacenter in Singapore (two independent Autonomous Systems)
  • Brazil: Three different datacenters around São Paulo (two independent Autonomous Systems)
  • Japan: One datacenter in Tokyo and one datacenter in Osaka
  • Russia: One datacenter in Moscow
  • Australia: Three datacenters in Sydney (two independent Autonomous Systems)
  • India: One datacenter in Noida
  • Hong Kong: two different datacenter (two independent Autonomous Systems)
  • South Africa: Two datacenters in Johannesburg ( two independent Autonomous Systems)

When you create your account, you can pick which region you want to use. Also, you can use our DSN feature to distribute your search engine in multiple regions, and decrease the latency for your audience in different parts of the world.

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