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How to enable Single Sign On (SSO) on my account

Single sign-on (SSO) is available for plans with the Enterprise add-on.

For a simpler and more secure access to the dashboard, Algolia provides Single Sign On (SSO) authentication via SAML. SAML is an industry standard protocol that allows delegation of authentication of users, similar to OAuth. When a user tries to login, the user is then redirected to the customer’s internal or external SSO system where the authentication is performed and then returned back to Algolia where the response is verified. Algolia uses the same system for its own employees.

When enabling SSO, you will have to restrict your emails to a single domain (e.g. my-company.com). This ensures that all emails of this domain (john@my-company.com) will be authenticated by your SSO.

Here are some benefits of using SSO:

  • Increased security and less risk of accounts being compromised
  • Reduced password fatigue or forgetfulness from managing different user name and password combinations
  • Reduced time spent entering passwords
  • Simplified authentication by using your known system across your company

To enable SSO on your Algolia account, you can reach out to your Solutions Engineer, Customer Success Manager, or email the support team.

Algolia provides other options to access the Dashboard (https://www.algolia.com/dashboard):

  • Basic Login/Password
  • Google or Github

However, once SSO is enabled, these other methods are no longer available.

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