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How to delete my personal data?

Deleting your data is very easy! Log in to your account using the login page. When logged in, you can remove your account, and all its associated applications and data, in the account settings.

Once you request the deletion of your account, our dashboard triggers a cleanup phase that in the first few minutes removes your account data, and triggers its removal from other internal systems. The whole process normally does not take more than a few minutes. Your data might also be present in backups, where it is securely kept and regularly purged in compliance with our Terms of Service.

If you only want to unsubscribe from our marketing communication, you can do that on the email preferences page.

If you have perfomed any unauthorized attempt to access our servers or anyhow tried to influence the operations of our services, your IP addresses and full requests might be stored in our security logs in compliance with our Terms of Service.

If you’re not a customer and you believe we have any personal data about you, contact us at privacy@algolia.com with your request and we’ll assist in removing your data from our systems.

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