FAQ / Security & Privacy / How to delete my user's data?

For your indices

Deleting your user’s data is effortless using the Algolia API. Once you determine which specific objects contain the personal information of your user, you can delete them one by one using the Delete Objects method. If there are several records, you can use the Delete By method.

Keep in mind that using the Algolia Search methods may not be enough because some of the attributes might not be searchable. If you need to use the Algolia API to search for user’s data, use the browse method and repeat over all your indices.

Deletion requests usually take less than a second. Once finished, the garbage collection follows soon after and removes the last remains of the data. The data is also present in backups, where it is securely kept and regularly purged in compliance with our Terms of Service.

For your query metadata and system logs

When a user makes a request, we log the following data:

  • IP address
  • Whole search request (including query, parameters, headers, etc.)

We process this data internally for services like monitoring or analytics. If you have analytics turned off, we still keep the raw data, but won’t send it to the analytics API.

All logs are deleted after 90 days. When you delete your account, you can expect all your query logs to disappear after that delay.

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