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An application can be blocked for a number of reasons. We outline the most common below, along with potential solutions.

If the block isn’t resolved after a certain period of time then, under certain circumstances, we delete the app.

Exceeded quota

Each plan has a certain number of usage units. Once these units are used and you have no billing details linked to your app, the app is blocked. It is unblocked once new units are added to your plan.

Attempting to use the API when you’ve exceeded your quota results in a 403 error with the following message: “Operations quota exceeded, change plan to get more Operations”.

To resolve this error, wait for the next free units or upgrade your plan.

Inactive application

If an application with a Community legacy plan receives no indexing operations and no searches for 8 straight weeks, we block it. We send an email warning after 6 weeks of inactivity.

The application is deleted at the 10-week mark. Along the way, we send you several email notifications.

Trial ended without plan

A trial application is blocked when the trial ends and you don’t select any plan.

Failed payment

We make several attempts to settle outstanding invoices, and send email notifications when payments fail. After 16 days, we block the application.

Countries or regions with restricted access

Access to our services is restricted in certain countries or regions, as required by law.

Contact us

To contact us, email support@algolia.com

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