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Mar. 15, 2018

How fast is Algolia?

Really fast. Most of our search queries take from 1ms to 20ms to be processed. That’s up to 200 times faster than our competitors.

That said, query performance depends on many factors from the size of the data you’re searching through to how CPU-intensive a query is (for example, some features such as geo-sorting and distinct are more “expensive”).

Our ability to achieve unparalleled speed relies on a multitude of features, many of which are outlined in this blog post. For instance, the Algolia engine handles the vast majority of computation at indexing time, as opposed to at query time. Beyond this, we control the full stack end-to-end. We’ve obsessed over every detail, from obtaining high quality infrastructure (bare-metal servers!) to crafting our own Ubuntu-based OS painstakingly modified for search engine performance.

To ensure your queries are fast around the world, we’ve also created our “Distributed Search Network”. This enables you to automatically duplicate your search engine and your data in multiple locations around the world (this is a complete copy of the search engine with all data, not just a cache). When your users perform a search, their queries will be sent to the closest datacenter, greatly reducing the latency of the request.

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