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This page lists terms used at Algolia and their definitions.

API Client

A program that provides an abstraction over the raw Algolia API, hiding implementation details to make development for Subscribers easier in the language of their choice.

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API key

A string with alphanumeric characters used to control access to Algolia’s API, determining what is allowed to do, such as searching an Index, or adding new Records.

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A siloed set of indices. Data cannot be shared between applications.

Application ID

A string with alphanumeric characters as a unique identifier for Algolia applications.

Application Programming Interface (API)

A software intermediary that allows pieces of software to interact with each other. The Algolia API describes how the Subscribers’ systems can interact with Algolia Services.

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Click-through rate (CTR)

The percentage of tracked searches with at least one click Event. A tracked search is a search with the clickAnalytics parameter set to true.

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Conversion rate

The percentage of tracked searches with at least one conversion Event. A tracked search is a search with the clickAnalytics parameter set to true.

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The Subscriber’s administrator interface to Algolia Services. The Dashboard is hosted by Algolia.


An action performed by a User on Subscriber’s app or website.

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A specific characteristic for describing index items, such as color or brand.

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Facet-Value pair

A pair made of a Facet name and a value. For example, if “priority” and “quality” are two Facets, “priority:high” and “quality:high” are two Facet-Value pairs.


A Facet-Value pair used to select results with a specific facet value for a given facet name.

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A container for a set of Records that can be searched together.

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Insights API

Algolia’s API designed to ingest Events from Subscriber’s apps and websites.

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A collection of open source software libraries that let Subscribers build Algolia search interfaces for their frontend application. The InstantSearch libraries are built on top of API Clients.

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A collection of reusable software, designed to help developers solve common problems. A library is often targeted to be used with a specific software platform or operating system.


Subscriber items stored in an Algolia Index for retrieval.

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Search Request

A group of one or more search queries sent in a single HTTP request.

Search query

A sequence of characters typed into a search bar, or specific filters or facets applied to a search.


A customer of Algolia Services, such as Search or Recommend.


Customers or users of Algolia Subscribers who interact with Algolia Services, such as Search and Recommend.

User token

A unique string of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identifies a User throughout applications. A user token must contain only alphanumeric, =, -, /, or _ characters and be between 1 and 128 characters in length.

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