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Last updated 28 April 2017
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Account, Application, Plan, Index

Let’s see how the account management is organized:

  • An Account is what you use to login to Algolia. Each team member should have a separate account, secured with Two-Factor-Authentication.
  • Each team member can have access to one or multiple Applications. You can invite members to the applications you manage.
  • For non-Enterprise customers, each application is linked to a Plan (Hacker, Starter, Growth, or Pro). A plan has a cost and is billed monthly.
  • Each application can contain an unlimited number of indices
  • An Index is to a search engine what a table is for a database.

The account and team management interfaces are going to be redesigned completely in the coming weeks. A more detailed guide will be written then. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send your questions to

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