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Create Algolia shopping guides

Before you begin

To create shopping guides, you need the Generative AI feature in your Algolia plan, and an index containing the product data you want to use for the guides.

Create with the dashboard

  1. Select Generative AI in the Algolia dashboard.
  2. Click Create index now to set up a new index for the shopping guides
  3. Click New Shopping Guide to begin the creation process.

  4. Choose the type of shopping guide you want to create.

    You can create the following types of shopping guides:

    • Shopping Guide: a general guide for a category.
    • Category Guide: a guide for a specific category, focusing on specific factors.
    • Comparison Guide: compare multiple products side by side.

    Choose type

  5. Specify the products you want to include in your guides by providing the product IDs or the category’s facet value, depending on the type of guide you decided to create.

    Choosing a facet for shopping guides

  6. A headline (page title) will be generated for each shopping guide. Select which of these guides you want to create. You can edit these guides, including the headlines, later in the process.
  7. Click Generate to create the selected guides.

    Choosing which guides to create

Edit the guide

Once the guides have been generated, you can edit their content directly in the guide detail page.

Edit guide

Next step

Once you’re happy with your guides, the next step is to integrate them into your site.

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