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We released React InstantSearch Hooks, a new InstantSearch library for React. We recommend using React InstantSearch Hooks in new projects or upgrading from React InstantSearch.

The Product card components allow you to show your product data from an Algolia index as a product card. Use:

Map your record structure

The ProductCardHit component creates a bridge between the Hits object from React InstantSearch and the ProductCard component.

The ProductCardHit component is a React InstantSearch widget that maps your Algolia dataset attributes to the ProductCard component props. It also sends an event, using the JavaScript Search Insights client, each time a ProductCard is clicked.

The ProductCardHit component on desktop

Code summary

Although you can use the ProductCardHit component on its own, most of the time you’ll use it with the InfiniteHits component. InfiniteHits retrieves the results matching the current search state and passes them to the ProductCardHit component.

You can create your own ProductCardHit component by modifying some props. For example, the Showcase component uses a ProductCardHitShowcase component based on ProductCardHit. In the Showcase, highlighting isn’t used, and a custom Algolia Insights event name is used to indicate that a click on a ProductCardHitShowcase component came from the home page.

You can customize ProductCardHit in:

Usage and props


Customize the product card

The ProductCard component lets you display product information in a highly customizable way. For example, you can show product cards in a list or grid view, use multiple tags, or grey out the card if the product is unavailable. It also leverages Algolia’s highlighting and snippeting feature to show why a product card matches the current query.

The ProductCard component on desktop

Code summary

You can customize ProductCard in:

Usage and props

  title="Black trouser"
  description="A black trouser"

External packages used

The “Product card” components depend on these npm packages:

Package Description Used by
react-fact-compare Compares the current and next props provided by the connectHitInsights connector and decide whether to trigger a re-render ProductCardHit
react-instantsearch-dom Provides the connectHitInsights connector that passes down a hit object along with an insights function used to send events to the Algolia Insights API ProductCardHit
search-insights Provides report click, conversion, and view metrics using the Algolia Insights API ProductCardHit
classnames A utility for conditionally joining CSS class names ProductCard
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