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Welcome to our InstantSearch Labs!

You can find in this place experimental features, widgets or UI that you can use or your websites. Those features usually are relying on advanced InstantSearch concepts, they might be integrated into the library more tightly afterwards.

InstantSearch Labs is made accessible to you for trial/experimentation purposes. You may decide to use it or not. You are aware that use of InstantSearch Labs in production may increase your consumption of the Service, including Queries Per Second. Algolia does not support InstantSearch Labs, and may discontinue it at any time at its sole discretion; configurations and/or customisations entered by you into InstantSearch Labs may be permanently lost. Any feedback (including source code) you may provide to us regarding InstantSearch Labs may be used by Algolia to improve the Service. InstantSearch Labs source code is provided “as is” and “as available” without any warranty of any kind. Algolia disclaims all obligation and liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with InstantSearch Labs. For purposes of our SLA, the InstantSearch Labs is not an “API Client”.

TagsBox widget (React)

This widget is useful to search and select tags with Algolia and use them later on for any purpose.

It displays an input that will offer tag suggestions while user is typing. Tags can be then clicked to be added to the input.

This helps user to select records for another purpose than searching through them but to reuse them to complete another action later (like choosing a contact to send an email or a category while creating a blog post for instance).

Relevance widget (Vanilla)

This widget helps you understand why a hit is being ranked the way it is.

It display the same kind of ranking information the dashboard presents but directly into your search UI to help you debug the ranking of results.

It aims to create a third way to reason about result rankins: with a custom widget inserted directly on the search UI. This could be useful on a stating site, to quickly understand the ranking information without changing context.

This widget displays facet horizontally and let you select their values using a dropdown.

Autocomplete with delayed Hits (Vanilla)

This guide uses an outdated version of Autocomplete. Algolia recommends using Autocomplete v1 instead.

To migrate from v0 to v1, please refer to the upgrade guide.

This is an experimental UX which combines autocomplete and instant search but delayes the instant search results by a few hundred milliseconds of your choosing.

Delaying the instant search results limits visual noise and allows users to better understand what is going on.


We welcome all contributors, from casual to regular. If you made an awesome experiment using any of our InstantSearch libraries.

Check out our CONTRIBUTING guide to know how to add it to our repository.

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