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If your app collects data, or if your app uses a third-party dependency that collects data, Apple requires you to include a privacy manifest file in your app that describes what data you collect and why you collect it.

Each third-party SDK that collects data has to include their own privacy manifest. When you create your app’s privacy report, the individual privacy manifest files are aggregated into a single report.

For more information about what Apple considers tracking data, see Tracking in the Apple developer documentation.

Algolia and tracking data

By default, Algolia’s InstantSearch iOS and Swift API client libraries do not collect tracking data. Both libraries include privacy manifest files explicitly stating their non-data collection according to Apple’s guidelines.

Declare which data you send to Algolia

If you customize the Swift API client or InstantSearch iOS in your app, you may have to include Algolia-specific data in your app’s privacy manifest to comply with Apple’s requirements.

Review current policies

First, determine which parts of your app collect user data, and what APIs you use. To learn more, see:

If you use Algolia features that depend on events, such as NeuralSearch, Recommend, or Dynamic Re-Ranking, you’re collecting user data.

Declare data collection practices

The Algolia libraries for iOS include privacy manifests that cover all required aspects:

By default, these libraries don’t collect tracking data. But, if you customize the libraries in ways that involve tracking data, Apple may require you to list Algolia-specific data in your app’s privacy manifest.

Customize the privacy manifest

Edit the privacy manifest templates to declare what data you collect and why, and which APIs you use. Make sure that each entry is justified and aligns with Apple’s guidelines.

Integrate the privacy manifest into your app

Integrate your privacy manifest to your iOS project by adding the privacy manifest to your project’s settings and make sure it’s included in your build process.

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