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React InstantSearch Hooks FAQ

It’s recommended to use the Kotlin API client, which is better suited for Android development.

Why is my facet value disappearing from a refinement list after I select it?

A <RefinementList> widget displays the most common values for each facet. Sometimes you might have thousands of different values, and it would be impossible to display them all on the UI. You can make the widget searchable to search for more values based on the user’s query.

Each search query might have different common facet values. What’s visible in the refinement widget depends on which facet values are common for that search query. It can happen that you select a facet value for one search, change the search query, and the selected facet value disappears. It might be a rare facet value for the new search query. The refinement is still active, but it’s not shown in the user interface. This can be confusing.

To also show uncommon facet values, ensure that the maximum number of facet values are returned, by using the <Configure> widget. This gives the widget more data to match its refined values with those returned by Algolia. It has no any incidence on the number of items shown—the boundaries set by limit and showMoreLimit still apply.

<Configure maxValuesPerFacet={1000} />
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