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Looking Closely At Clicks and Conversions

What is Conversion?

We often need to go beyond the next click to understand our users. We make this possible by assigning a unique tracking number to every search, so that you can trace every search to a single subsequent user action. Using the query tracking number (the “Query” ID), you can choose any single subsequent click, scroll, or other catchable web event to be your company’s global conversion point. Analyzing a global conversion point creates a benchmark - a realistic metric to gauge overall success as well better shape individual searches in the interests of your business.

Conversion is a simple yes/no metric

We measure whether individual queries lead your users to take a particular action. Let’s say you define the conversion as: “to put an item on the shopping cart”. How often does a search for “t-shirt red dyed” lead to placing an item in the shopping cart? And does “t-shirt” on its own work better or worse?

  • If conversion=buy, and 1 search has generated 10 results, in which 5 of those lead to a buy, this is still considered to be 1 conversion not 5. The goal here is to see if a single search has reached at least one conversion.

Possible conversion points

  • To buy
  • To build a wish list, a shopping cart
  • To watch a video, read an article
  • To make further inquiries, contact support
  • To explore further
  • To come to the store
  • What else? It depends on your business needs. Conversion points are agnostic.

Well-chosen conversions can feed back into your business decision-making. Done properly, Click Analytics should impact:

  • The kinds of products and services you offer
  • Your inventory
  • Diversification of products
  • Customer Service
  • Levels of Support
  • Website UI / UX

You cannot define more than one event as a conversion point. Whether you wish to define “buy a product” as the conversion point or “watch a video” - or any other choice - this choice becomes the company-wide conversion point for all search-to-conversion analysis. You can always change this, but you can only use one at a time.

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