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How to declare attributes for faceting in the dashboard

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Algolia lets you create categories based on specific attributes so users can filter search results by those categories For example, if you have an index of books, you could categorize them by author and genre. This allows users to filter search results by their favorite author or discover new genres.

To enable this categorization, first declare your attributes for faceting. To do this:

  1. Go to the Algolia dashboard and select your Algolia application.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Algolia Search Search.
  3. Select your Algolia index:

    Select your Algolia application and index

  4. On the Configuration tab, click Facets (in the Filtering and faceting section).
  5. In Attributes for faceting, click Add an Attribute
  6. Set the attribute as:

    • searchable if you want to use the attribute for both searching and filtering. For example, if a product has a color attribute, users can search for products of a specific color and also filter search results by color.
    • filter-only if you want to use the attribute only for filtering.
    • not searchable if you want the attribute to be used only as a facet.

    For more information, see Difference between facets and filters

    Set the type of facet attribute

  7. Click Review and Save Settings

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