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Jan. 07, 2019


Personalizing results

The ideal of modern search is smart search - highly relevant results, tuned specifically to the context. For example, judo experts searching for judo techniques might be interested in advanced techniques while beginners would want to learn how to get started. Teenagers searching for “Grand Theft Auto” might be looking for game strategies while their parents would want to know if the game is appropriate for their kids.

While users can certainly create advanced queries to narrow down exactly what they’re looking for, why should they have to? The above scenarios represent only two examples in which knowing a bit of information about a user’s context can radically improve the relevance of their search results.

To achieve this kind of individualized results, we have developed a Personalization feature.

Personalizing based on Analytics data

Personalization is by far the most complete solution to individualizing results. Relying on search and click analytics, Algolia gathers user activity data from which it can derive reliable user preferences. Algolia also provides a tool that can weigh these preferences against each other, enabling you to balance and calibrate the importance of each preference. In the end, your users are given results that more likely match their individual needs.

We cover Personalization in our Analytics and Insights section.

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