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Configure indices to personalize

AI Personalization is a beta feature according to Algolia’s Terms of Service (“Beta Services”).

The first step to configuring AI Personalization is to select the indices to enable personalization on.

To start personalizing an index, head over to the AI Personalization dashboard Configuration page, and click the Personalize an index button.

Button to personalize an index

Button to personalize an index

Select the index to personalize

Personalization must be enabled on each index you want to personalize. Start by selecting the index from the drop-down menu.

Dashboard interface to select the index to personalize

Dashboard interface to select the index to personalize

The selected index and all its replicas will be personalized.

Select the attributes for affinities

To personalize the search experience, AI Personalization needs to know which facet attributes to use as affinities. In the Affinities input, add all the relevant facet attributes you want to use for personalization.

For example, if you’re running an ecommerce website, relevant facet attributes to select might include category, color, gender, and size.

Dashboard interface to select the facets for affinities

Dashboard interface to select the facets for affinities

When selecting attributes as affinities you should consider the following:

  • AI Personalization relies on facet attributes. Make sure to add the attributes to use as affinities in the Attributes for faceting index configuration in the Algolia dashboard.

  • AI Personalization supports dot notation in facet attribute names. This is useful when selecting nested facet attributes as affinities for personalization.

  • AI Personalization doesn’t support the filterOnly modifier for facet attributes, since users won’t interact with these attributes. They’re used for filtering, not faceting.

Next step

Once you’ve set up the indices to personalize, you must define the events collection strategy to improve the accuracy of user signals.


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