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AI Personalization is a beta feature according to Algolia’s Terms of Service (“Beta Services”).

AI Personalization uses Insights events to generate profiles for users. To comply with local data protection regulations, you may be required to delete your users’ data upon their request.

This guide explains how to delete an AI Personalization user profile. To delete Insights events data for a user, call the delete a user token endpoint.

Stop sending Insights events

If you continue to send events after you call the deletion endpoint, a new user profile will be generated using those events. Before deleting a user profile from AI Personalization, ensure that you are no longer sending Insights events with that userToken.

Delete the user profile

Delete the user in the dashboard

After confirming that you are no longer sending Insights events for the user, go to the user inspector in the dashboard and click Delete user.

Dashboard interface to inspect a user profile

Dashboard interface to inspect a user profile

This operation is irreversible and, once complete, search results for the user will no longer be personalized.

The user will be queued for deletion and a notification will confirm the date and time, in UTC, that Insights events will no longer be used to generate a profile for the user. This should be around the same time you called the endpoint. The notification will also confirm when the user’s data will be deleted (UTC time and date). To comply with data protection regulations, this date is 30 days from the time the request is made. Some data may be deleted earlier.

Dashboard notification displayed after deleting a user profile

Dashboard notification displayed after deleting a user profile

Confirm the deletion was successful

As soon as the deletion time is confirmed, the user profile will no longer be accessible in the dashboard. You may have to refresh the page for this change to take effect.

If the user profile reappears, use the Events Debugger to ensure that you aren’t continuing to send Insights events for that user, and that the same ID hasn’t been assigned to a new user. Then complete the deletion steps again.

Only after the scheduled deletion date you can be sure that the user profile has been successfully deleted from AI Personalization.

If you don’t use the deletion button, user data is automatically deleted after 90 days.

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