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Migrate from Classic Personalization

AI Personalization is a beta feature according to Algolia’s Terms of Service (“Beta Services”).

AI Personalization creates a profile for each user based on how they use your website or app.


AI Personalization offers several advantages:

  • It’s easier to set up. AI Personalization automates and, hence, speeds up the deployment of a personalization strategy.

  • It generates unbiased user profiles. Classic Personalization can lead to biased or inconsistent user profiles. By automating the process, AI Personalization helps eliminate these biases.

  • It predicts user preferences. AI Personalization can predict what users might like or dislike. This means it can better customize the experience for each user based on their unique tastes.

  • It generates more accurate user profiles. AI Personalization generates user profiles based on signals from your users. The stronger the signals, the more accurate it can be in understanding each user.

  • It enhances monitoring and testing. You can use the Algolia dashboard to inspect your user profiles, simulate search personalization experiences, or conduct A/B tests.


Before choosing to migrate from Classic Personalization to AI Personalization, you need to consider the following:

  • AI Personalization deactivates Classic Personalization. You won’t be able to update your Classic Personalization setup. This includes, your strategy, facets, and personalizationImpact.
  • Your events and index data are unchanged by the migration.

  • Existing user profiles remain active until AI Personalization is configured. Classic Personalization will continue to personalize search results for already generated user profiles until your AI Personalization setup is complete.

  • AI Personalization doesn’t support multiple indices yet. You will only be able to personalize a single index at a time.

  • Migration can be rolled back during beta. To revert to Classic Personalization, contact the Algolia support team. By rolling back the migration, you will lose all changes made in AI Personalization.

How to migrate to AI Personalization

  1. Go to the Classic Personalization dashboard. Click Migrate to AI Personalization.

    Banner inviting users to migrate to AI Personalization

  2. Click Migrate to AI Personalization again to confirm your choice.

After successful migration, the Classic Personalization dashboard will display a banner indicating its inactive status.

Banner indicating that Classic Personalization is inactive

Banner indicating that Classic Personalization is inactive

The process concludes with an automatic redirection to the AI Personalization dashboard.

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