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AI Personalization is now available in public beta. Migrate now to personalize search results based on historical and predictive user affinities.

Once you’ve collected events and configured your Personalization strategy, you’re ready to put your Personalization implementation in front of your users. Since Personalization can have enormous consequences for your relevance and search experience, it’s best to simulate Personalization while configuring it and A/B test it.

A/B testing let’s you expose some of your users to the personalized experience before adopting it wholesale. Through A/B testing, you can confirm that your Personalization implementation out-performs a non-personalized experience. The guide on A/B testing Personalization walks you through all the steps and considerations.

Whether A/B testing or going into full-scale production, the final implementation step is to include two parameters, enablePersonalization and userToken, on all searches you want to personalize. Please refer to the guide on enabling Personalization for details.

Finally, go through the Personalization implementation checklist to verify that you’ve completed all implementation steps.

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