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Algolia stores analytics data on dedicated servers, separate from the indices. Analytics data is collected by Algolia asynchronously, in parallel to search. This way, gathering analytics never impacts the speed of search.

Because indices and analytics are separate data sets, copying, moving, and deleting an index has no effect on the analytics data.

Analytics data is referred to by the name of its index. This reference never changes.

Renaming an index

Changing the name of an index doesn’t change the name of the index’s analytics. The analytics belonging to the original index keep their original name. A new set of analytics is started with the new name. The old and new analytics aren’t merged. To preserve an index’s analytics history, you need to keep using the old name.

Deleting an index

Deleting an index doesn’t delete the index’s analytics. The analytics data remains available under the deleted index’s name. You can use the index’s name to export the analytics data using the Analytics API.

Copying an index

Copying an index doesn’t copy the associated analytics data.

Be careful when overwriting an existing index while copying. The analytics data will remain associated with the index’s name.

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