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See what you can build with Algolia beyond a search bar. Algolia sample apps explore innovative use cases of Algolia combined with other APIs. Get inspired and bootstrap your own implementation. All code is open source and available on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.

Image search with optical character recognition and Algolia

This sample app lets you scan a shipping label with your phone, search for the recipient with Algolia, and send a Slack notification. The app uses the Google Cloud Vision API to extract text from the scanned image. Algolia handles the ambiguity of shipping label formats and scanning errors without you having to write extra code. Algolia searches for the recipient’s name and returns the matching Slack ID. Having found the recipient, the app sends a Slack message that a parcel arrived.

Schematic overview of the shipping label scanner app

Algolia uses this app in its Paris office to help managing the growing number of employees and packages. Find out more in this blog post.

Serverless search alerts with Algolia, Firebase, Twilio, and SendGrid

Search alerts are a great way to keep users updated with fresh content. With this sample app, you can build saved search alerts by using the power of APIs and serverless. Users can save a search query and enter their phone number and email address. This app stores this information in Cloud Storage for Firebase. A serverless Firebase schedule function periodically checks the Algolia index for new items. If there are updates, the app sends an email with SendGrid, or a message via the Twilio Programmable Messaging API.

Schematic overview of the search alert sample app

Email recommendations with Algolia Search, Algolia Recommend, and SendGrid

Emails with product recommendations keep users engaged before and after they visit an ecommerce site. This sample app lets you choose between different recommendation models: leveraging Algolia’s Faceting, and Personalization features, and the AI models from Algolia Recommend. The sample app shows how you can avoid the pain of building responsive emails by leveraging the Cerberus layout patterns. The app uses SendGrid to send emails.

Schematic overview of the email recommendations sample app

Enterprise search with Algolia, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Confluence

Too often, information is scattered across several services, such as Google Drive, Confluence, or Salesforce. Before you can search for specific information, you have to know where to look. This sample app lets you build a unified search interface with Algolia that makes it easy to find content from these data sources, thanks to React InstantSearch and its DynamicWidgets. The app also leverages the workflow automation platform to make it easier to integrate these data sources.

Schematic overview of the enterprise search sample app

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