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With Algolia’s Browse solutions, you can build product listing pages and content carousels optimized for your promotional sales and business objectives.

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Benefits of using Algolia to power product listing pages:

  • Personalization and AI. Leverage behavioral signals in both search and category pages to enhance results in all product listing pages with Algolia’s personalization and AI re-ranking capabilities.
  • Merchandising. Leverage Algolia’s robust merchandising, relevance and ranking, relevance A/B testing in the back-end
  • Navigation and Filtering. Leverage Algolia dynamic filtering capabilities to add interactivity to your product feed. You can use Algolia to power your search pages and reuse the same UI components as on your category page with pre-built front-end logic.
  • Speed and Performance. Leverage Algolia’s Infrastructure, built for scale. Use Algolia as a dynamic and personalized cache layer and lessen the load on your CMS/DB server.
  • Developer Experience. Leverage InstantSearch libraries for rapid front-end UI development.

Get inspired by real-world examples from Algolia users. Explore browse experiences built with Algolia.

Implementing browse pages

Analyzing how Algolia users implement browse experiences, we identify four stages in the

evolution of the browse experience. See the ecommerce implementation playbook for an overview of all solutions for the ecommerce use case.

Stage 1

Create data pipeline

Create responsive and accessible category pages

Create responsive content carousels on landing pages

Configure relevance to get the best results in all situations

Add rich filtering and navigation options to front end

Stage 2

Fine tune relevance with analytics

Category merchandising

Stage 3

Add and test AI re-ranking

Search and category merchandising

  • Inject brand content
  • Inject content in promotional slots
  • Inject array of promotional content between results

AI-based merchandising

  • Inject re-ranked content in promotional slots

Personalized recommendations

  • Personalized recommendations on product listing pages
  • Personalized browse pages
  • Personalized content carousels
  • Personalized dynamic landing pages
  • Personalized recommendations with notifications
  • A/B test personalization strategies on search and browse pages

Personalized merchandising

  • Inject personalized content in promotional slots

Add-ons to category pages

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