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Displaying recommended products encourages your users to expand their search and browse more broadly. If the item they’re currently looking at isn’t exactly what they were searching for, they can easily jump to similar items.

These solutions show you how to take full advantage of Algolia’s tools and features:

Get inspired by real-world examples from Algolia users. Explore examples for using Algolia to show Related Content

Integrating recommendations into the search and browse experience

The evolution of integrating recommendations can be grouped into four stages. See the ecommerce implementation playbook for an overview of all solutions for the ecommerce use case.

Stage 1

Create responsive and accessible autocomplete experiences

Create responsive and accessible product listing pages

Stage 2

Show recommendations

  • Content-based recommendations
  • Merchandising recommendations
Stage 3

Show recommendations

  • Machine learning-based recommendations
  • Implement recommendations on product detail and checkout pages

Personalized recommendations

  • Personalized recommendations on the empty query state
  • Personalized recommendations with notifications

Add-ons to recommendations

  • Multi-media recommendations
  • Visual recommendations
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