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Sending events requires integrating short snippets of code in your front-end components that correspond to your user behaviors. These code snippets leverage Algolia’s Insights API.

Once you’ve implemented Algolia Insight, you can benefit from Algolia with the following features:

Specifically, this section covers various implementation approaches on the following topics:

  • How to use events and signals to enhance results.
  • Which methods to use to send events to Algolia.
  • Learn about connectors and integrations.

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Getting Started on Sending Events

Learn the different methods and connectors to send events with Algolia.

Planning Events to Send

Plan and map the eCommerce customer journey to events and Algolia Insights methods.

Sending Events Using API Clients

Learn how to send Insight events using Algolia’s API Clients.

Sending Events Using InstantSearch

Learn how to send Insights events using Algolia’s Open Source UI libraries, InstantSearch.

Validating and Debugging Events

Learn how to validate and debug events using tools such as Algolia Insights API logs and Insights Validator Chrome extension.

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