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Sending Events Using InstantSearch

To get started sending Insight API events to Algolia with InstantSearch, follow the steps in this video or on the page below.

You can send click, conversion, and other events that are related and unrelated to Algolia results. While events unrelated to Algolia won’t be taken into account when calculating Click and Conversion Analytics, Dynamic Re-ranking, A/B Testing, they’re useful for the Personalization and Algolia Recommend feature. Personalization can rely on user behavior on any channels to build user affinity profiles. Algolia can then use these profiles to personalize results for the individual user.

Even if you aren’t planning on implementing Personalization yet, it’s a good idea to collect these events so that you have a corpus of data ready for you when you do.

If you’re looking to send events to Algolia using the API Clients or integrations such as Magento, Shopify, Google Tag Manager & Segment, please refer to the guide Getting started on sending events with Algolia.

Insight events and implementation overview

  Events related to Algolia results Events unrelated to Algolia results
Examples of Ecommerce events Views, Clicks and Conversion on:
• Product Listing Page (Search, Browse, or Landing Page) powered by Algolia.
• Promotional Banners powered by Algolia
Views, Clicks and Conversion on:
• Recommendations in Product page.
• Emails, Push notifications and Newsletter.
• User Preference settings.
• Product Listing Page not powered by Algolia.
Used by features like Dynamic Re-ranking
Click and Conversion analytics
A/B testing
Algolia Recommend
Algolia Recommend
Send events with InstantSearch or API Clients API Clients only
queryID Require queryID tracking Don’t require queryID
Algolia Insights API Methods clickedObjectIdsAfterSearch

Sending events unrelated to Algolia Results

InstantSearch doesn’t support batching or sending events that are unrelated to Algolia results. For events unrelated to Algolia results, you should use the API clients or Insights REST API directly. Refer to these tutorials for more details.

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