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Click and conversion events

Learn how to send click and conversion events from your BigCommerce store to the Algolia Insights API.

By default, you’ll send click and view events when users view or select search results.

To turn off the sending of click and conversion events, clear the Use click analytics checkbox.

Use click analytics checkbox

By default, a new anonymous user token is generated on every page refresh. For more persistent user tokens, select userToken is set using cookies depending on the user’s approval.

Before you can use cookies to store the user token, you must turn on “Cookie consent tracking” in your BigCommerce control panel. To find this option in your BigCommerce store, go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Your customers’ privacy.

userToken with cookies

Big Open Data Layer analytics

  1. Check Use data layer analytics to enable Big Open Data Layer
  2. Select Add to cart, Order purchased, or both events.

Turn Big Open Data Layer events on or off

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