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Algolia provides Search Analytics with every plan to better understand how users make use of the search. The Magento plug-in has a built-in screen where you can find (some) of these statistics. Just navigate to Stores > Algolia Search > Analytics Overview to get started.

For more information on analytics, read about our analytics.

Filtering data

Analytics data can be filtered by store view, index type, and date range. The index types are limited to products, categories, and pages.

Depending on the plan, data is retained for a certain period of time. The date can be filtered from the start of the retention period up until today.

If you want to keep your analytics data for longer, please upgrade your plan or contact the support team.

Understanding data

The Analytics page provides the following metrics:

Total Searches

This indicates how many searches were performed. As-you-type searches are aggregated. For example: if one user searches for iPad, the queries i, iP, iPa and iPad will be counted as one search.


The amount of unique users that performed a search.

No Results Rate

The percentage of searches that returned 0 results. The lower the percentage, the better.

Daily Searches

This section will display a graph of searches per day in the set date range. Hovering each day will show a breakdown of statistics for this day.

Search Results

The searches that were performed most often by the users.

Results that are displayed the most often after a search. Links to the view and edit page have been edit for your convenience to quickly jump to this product, category, or page.

No Results Searches

Searches that returned 0 results. This could be because a word didn’t match, or because a filter excluded all matching results. A search without results can often be optimized by improving keywords used in the dataset or by adding synonyms to your index.

Click Analytics

When Click Analytics is enabled, and it is included in your plan, the Analytics Dashboard will show the following Click Analytics data about your tracked searches.

A search is tracked when the call to Algolia search contains the clickAnalytics=true parameter. This parameter is added automatically when turning on Click Analytics in the settings (Stores > Algolia Search > Credentials and Basic Setup > Click and Conversion Analytics > Enable Click Analytics)

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This percentage represents the amount of users that clicked at least one result in a tracked search.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of tracked searches that led to a successful conversion. The settings to determine a successful conversion can be found in the settings (Stores > Algolia Search > Credentials and Basic Setup > Click and Conversion Analytics).

Click Position

The average position of the clicks performed on search results. If this value is one, it would indicate every user has clicked on the first result when searching. A small value would indicate the search is relevant to the user.

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