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Magento Features Compatibility

Catalog Permissions and B2B Shared Catalog

The extension now supports Catalog Permissions and B2B Shared Catalog features.

With Catalog Permissions enabled, the extension will add the catalog_permissions attribute to product or category records. This attribute contains an object with customer groups and whether the product or category is visible for this group.

For your search, a condition is added that filters out products that are not visible for the end users’ customer group.

Magento Inventory (MSI)

Magento Multi Source Inventory (MSI) feature, recently renamed Magento Inventory, is added in version 2.3.x of Magento and helps you manage everything related to your inventory.

You can find more information about MSI on the Magento documentation.

The MSI features include:

  • Different configurations for merchants whose inventory originates from single or multiple sources
  • Stock tracking through assigned sources
  • Concurrent checkout protection
  • Shipment matching algorithms

In a nutshell, you are now able to create multiple inventory sources and stocks to manage the availability of products in your stores. This introduces a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to Magento.


MSI introduced changes to the way a product is determined in stock or not. To support that new behavior and to keep backwards compatibility with older versions of our Magento 2 integration, we decided to create a new optional module, Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory.

It can be downloaded separately with composer and used on top of the extension.


You should download Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory if:

  • You are using Magento 2.3.x
  • You are using multiple sources / stocks to manage your inventory

The Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory module can be used with version 1.12.x and higher of the Algolia extension. In any other case, you can continue to use and update the extension without adding the new module.

Downloading the Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory module if you do not use MSI will not break your indexing process, but it may slow it down. We don’t recommend installing the module unless you use MSI.

Installing the Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory module

You can install the Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory module with composer:

composer require algolia/algoliasearch-inventory-magento-2
php bin/magento module:enable Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy # in case you're on production mode

That’s all it takes to integrate Algolia with MSI. You can use the extension as you did before, your multiple sources and stocks will be handled as expected.

The code for the Algolia_AlgoliaSearchInventory module is open source and can be found on Github

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