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Integrations / Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C

Click and conversion events

By default, the integration captures different events so you can access analytics through the Algolia dashboard. How this happens depends on your site:

  • SFRA sites emit events from the int_algolia_sfra cartridge.
  • SiteGenesis sites emit events from the int_algolia_controllers cartridge.

You can capture click and conversion events when your users interact with your search. You can see statistics on these events in the Algolia dashboard.

If your plan includes Personalization, you can benefit from the click and conversion events the integration collects to personalize your users’ search experience.

Default events

By default, Algolia captures every keystroke in the search box to provide you with detailed analytics. This cartridge can also capture click events when your user clicks on a search result and conversion events when they add a product to their cart.

Besides capturing these events, you can customize the code of the search experience to track other relevant interactions, such as:

  • A user adds a product to their wish list.
  • A user left a review on a product.

Click and conversion analytics

If you use the int_algolia_sfra or int_algolia_controllers cartridge, you receive insightful analytics metrics out of the box to help you decide how your search is performing.

A/B testing

If you use the int_algolia_sfra or int_algolia_controllers cartridge, you can instantly start creating your first A/B tests to perform experiments with your search relevancy.


You can only use Personalization if your plan includes access to it. Check the pricing page for more details.

To enable Personalization on your search:

  1. Go to your Algolia dashboard.
  2. Select your product index, and go to Configuration > Personalization.
  3. Toggle on Personalization.

If your site supports multiple locales, you must repeat these steps for each index.

From here, you’re ready to personalize search results through the Algolia dashboard.

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