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Integrations / Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C

You can configure these preferences in the Algolia BM module (Business Manager > Merchant Tools > Algolia > Algolia).

Configure Algolia Custom Preferences Group

Preference Description
EnableĀ Algolia Enable/disable all Algolia features on your Salesforce B2C Commerce storefront.
ApplicationĀ ID This is your unique Algolia application identifier. Find it in the API Keys tab of the Algolia dashboard.
SearchĀ APIĀ key This is your Algolia public API key which can be safely used in your frontend code. Find it in the API Keys tab of the Algolia dashboard.
AdminĀ APIĀ key This is your Algolia admin API key. Keep this key secret, and only use it in the backend. Algolia uses this key to create, update and delete your records and indices.
InStock Threshold If the stock of a product is lower than this threshold value, itā€™s considered to be out of stock.
Additional Product Attributes Any additional product attributes to send to Algolia (comma-separated list).
Index Prefix If set, it replaces the first two segments of the index name. The default index name is <hostname>__<siteID>__<"product" &vert; "category">__<locale>.
Enable server-side renderingā€¦ Enables server-side rendering of the category landing page results (first page only). Improves SEO, but slightly increases page load times.

Consider using restricted API keys for security reasons. For more information, see API key restrictions.

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